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Introducing Rebeca Ibarra!

"I'm a huge supporter of Hardee and Highlands Counties and volunteer with organizations within those counties when possible."

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I sat down with one of our Community Health Workers, Rebecca Ibarra, to learn more about her and how she got involved with the program. Check it out below!

Tatiana: How did you learn about the HDCHW program?

Rebecca: I was recruited by my long-time friend and co-worker, Wendy!

T: What seemed appealing about the position or program? Why did you decide to get involved?

R: I like learning and helping others learn.

T: Have you worked with any other nonprofits before? If so, what were they? How were you involved?

R: I have previously worked in Federal Agencies and education-based non-profits.

T: Are there any other organizations you are involved in within your community?

R: I am an active volunteer of many Hardee and Highlands County organizations.

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T: What is your favorite part about your job?

R: My favorite part is finding new resources to bring into my community.

T: What has been the most surprising about your job or the program?

R: The lack of resources in my community.

T: Are there any current or upcoming volunteer or donor opportunities?

R: There are always opportunities to help and donate.

T: What's one local issue you think deserves more attention?

R: Transportation! Transportation is the number one issue in Rural Florida, followed by lack of internet access.

For ways to help support Rebecca and the other Community Health Workers, contact us today! We'd love to have you donate or volunteer with us!

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